TV: THE BIG BANG THEORY, S10E23: “The Gyroscopic Collapse”

#1 TV show, Thursday, 5/4/17

12.39 million viewers

What it is: A CBS sitcom about nerds and their romantic relationships. In this episode, the military (personified by Breaking Bad‘s Dean Norris in his recurring role as a gruff officer) shuts down some advanced project the main guys were working on, and Penny (live-in girlfriend of Jim Parsons’ Sheldon) gets offered a summer job at Princeton, causing her to worry that Sheldon will feel she’s abandoning him.

Don’t have much to say here that I haven’t already said in previous Big Bang Theory reviews. The show continues to be corny but endearing and clever in its own retro way. I tried to check if this episode passed the Bechdel Test and I don’t think it did, though only because it didn’t follow the female characters to their jobs like it did with the guys. I was also kind of curious as to what the military project the guys were working on was actually supposed to do–if it was going to help drone-bomb Yemenis more efficiently or whatever–but this episode didn’t really get into that.

By the way, last night I tried out doing a sort of podcast-ish livestream roundup version of this blog on Facebook Live. Trying to monologue while also responding in real time to comments from my wiseacre friends was a bit of a mess, but it was an interesting experiment. You can check out the video here until I get embarrassed and decide to take it down.

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