TV: NCIS, S14E21: “One Book, Two Covers”

#1 TV show, Tuesday, 4/18/17

13.32 million viewers

What it is: A CBS procedural about an agency tasked with investigating crimes related to the Navy and Marine Corps. In this episode, Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) has to delve back into the contacts he made while undercover with a dirtbike gang(!) when the gang seems to become active again.

Remember when Family Matters had Urkel come up with a serum that turned him into an alter ego named Stefan Urquelle who was suave and smooth instead of nerdy and irritating? Wilmer Valderrama’s NCIS character Nick Torres–buff, capable and libidinous to the point of more or less sexually harassing his coworkers, though those advances are played as charming–seems like the Stefan version of his old “Fez” character from That ’70s Show. Apparently after playing a goofy ethnic stereotype for eight years, Valderrama wanted to portray only unambiguous badasses from that point on to balance the scales. Hard to blame him.

Our little Fez is all growns up

Beyond that, there’s not much interesting about this episode, except for the gross conclusion (spoiler alert) in which NCIS leader Agent Gibbs suppresses the evidence of Torres having planted evidence in his earlier investigation of the dirtbike gang because “You did the wrong thing for the right reasons.” What is this, Chicago P.D.?

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