Music: Future, HNDRXX

#1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, week of 3/18/17

What it is: The sixth studio album from Atlanta rapper Future, released one week after his self-titled fifth album, which also hit #1.

After posting my review of the Future album Future, in which I basically said that I couldn’t tell the difference between Future and fellow Southern rappers Migos, I spoke with a friend of mine who’s more of a fan of Future’s stuff. He said he thinks of Future as more melancholy and self-reflective in contrast to Migos’s brashness, and on listening to HNDRXX I can see that. He’s sort of an Atlanta version of moody rappers like Kid Cudi or Travis Scott. That disposition gets expressed stylistically through Future’s technique of singing his raps pretty much constantly. I’ve mentioned in previous reviews that the line between rapper and pop singer is getting increasingly blurred, and Future might be the first artist I’ve reviewed who gets identified primarily as a rapper but whose vocals always seem to have either a melody or an inflection that hints at where a melody could be, at least on this album. And there are some pretty strong pop songs on here, like “Incredible” and the Rihanna collaboration “Selfish.”

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