TV: GREY’S ANATOMY, S13E10: “You Can Look (But You’d Better Not Touch)”

330x186-q100_4519812818f52153435574b826a6a0d1#1 TV show, Thursday, 1/26/17

9.59 million viewers

What it is: A soapy hospital drama set in Seattle. In this episode, three of the main doctors travel to a women’s prison in order to help with complications related to the pregnancy of a troublesome teen convict.

Where the last Grey’s Anatomy episode I reviewed shuffled through a seemingly endless array of subplots, this one settles down and sticks with one story for its full hour. It works pretty well in its pulpy tearjerker way. All the doctors are ludicrously unprofessional, whether they’re going rogue to treat other inmates or needlessly divulging upsetting personal information to their main patient, but that’s just how professional ensemble dramas like this tend to be.

One interesting thing about this episode is that its women’s prison setting allows almost the entire episode to go by with no male characters of note, apart from a male guard who appears briefly early on. I’m kind of surprised the writers didn’t just excise men entirely so they could get some buzz about airing a feminist women-only ep. Missed opportunity!

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