TV: THIS IS US, S01E11: “The Right Thing to Do”

nbc-this-is-us-aboutimage-1920x1080-ko#1 TV show, Tuesday, 1/10/17

10.48 million viewers

What it is: A drama about three adult siblings and their personal relationships, mixed with flashbacks to the lives of their parents decades earlier. In this episode, Jack and Rebecca (the parents) try to find a home that will accommodate them and their impending children, Kate’s boyfriend gets major surgery, Kevin has to choose between two women who are both involved in the play he’s working on, and Randall deals with his feelings about his biological father’s homosexuality.

I was surprised to see This Is Us doing so well in the ratings, as its somewhat complicated premise and relatively mature subject matter* make it seem like the sort of show that would normally be a critical darling but get cancelled after one season because of low viewership. Guess it’s doing well, though, which is nice, since it’s pretty enjoyable and certainly gives one more to chew on than another dumb procedural or reality competition. I mean, I guess it doesn’t give you that much to chew on since I don’t have much else to say about this episode, but still.

*”Mature subject matter” meaning realistic and weighty, not pornographic.

The dialogue has that thing where all the characters are really clever and quippy, even the ones who are supposed to be kind of dumb. Not a good or bad thing, just an observation.

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