TV: SCORPION, S03E12: “Ice Ca-Cabes”

p13012689_b_v8_aa#1 TV show, Monday, 1/2/17

7.37 million viewers

What it is: A procedural drama about a group of geniuses who use their intellects to solve mysteries or fight crime or, you know, that sort of thing. In this episode, the team scrambles to save the life of lovable old-timer Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick!) after an explosion sends some shrapnel into his abdomen.

Scorpion is basically “The gang from The Big Bang Theory solves mysteries.” CBS didn’t even try to downplay the similarities when the show debuted back in 2014. It’s not surprising that they’d want to fuse the time-tested procedural format with elements of their megahit sitcom; what is kind of surprising is that Scorpion‘s been on for three seasons without ever evolving into anything beyond that original premise. I watched five minutes of this episode and said, “Oh, this is the gang from The Big Bang Theory solving mysteries,” without having known anything about it going in. Central character Walter O’Brien (supposedly based on a real person) even has the autistic-ish emotional cluelessness of BBT‘s Sheldon, except that O’Brien is muscular and handsome instead of wispy and nerdy, which to me makes his cold, distant persona more creepy than endearing.

But apart from the lack of originality (and the fact that I’m sure all the scientific ideas that get thrown around are complete hooey), this was fine. Eddie Kaye Thomas (Finch from the American Pie movies) is in the main cast, and I forgot or never knew how much I liked him.

Anyway, sorry to anyone who’s noticed that I’ve fallen behind with these posts recently. The scarcity of updates has partly been because there haven’t been a ton of new movies or albums topping the charts (Rogue One held down the box office for a while, and Starboy is dominating Billboard again), but it’s also because I’ve been lazy/busy, so I’ll try to play some catch-up this week.

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