TV: THE BIG BANG THEORY, S10E10: “The Property Division Collision”

cbs_big_bang_theory_1010_image_nologo_thumb_master#1 TV show, Thursday, 12/1/16

14.39 million viewers

What it is: A CBS sitcom about nerds and their romantic relationships. In this episode, Sheldon and Leonard argue about what items Sheldon will take with him after leaving their apartment, while Stuart tries to ingratiate himself into the household of Howard and Bernadette.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Big Bang Theory is one of the least deservedly hated pieces of pop culture out there. It’s no masterpiece but it isn’t overwhelmingly worthless or despicable either, and this episode comes off particularly well by de-emphasizing the show’s propensity for juvenile sex jokes. Sheldon and Leonard have an official flag of their apartment, which is the kind of whimsical sitcom detail I often enjoy. And Christopher Lloyd makes a guest appearance, if that matters to you for whatever reason.

That’s it.

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