51mw0cwgtylBy John Sandford

#1 USA Today bestseller, 10/27/16

What it is: The ninth book in John Sandford’s series centered on Minnesota cop Virgil Flowers. In this entry, Flowers tries to find two tigers that have been stolen from a local zoo.

Some things hit #1 because they’re genuinely unique and special (or were authored by someone who’s released genuinely unique and special things before), and others are just unremarkable examples of a genre that a whole lot of people already know they like. Escape Clause is pretty much the latter, a standard pulp mystery thriller, but it’s got enough individual flavor (the atmosphere of “Minnesota in the summer” is heavily emphasized, with an early scene taking place at a swimmin’ hole) and off-beat humor (one villain was involved in an ill-fated business involving a smartphone app that allows people to communicate via personalized nipple icons) to be appealing, especially compared to the off-puttingly fascistic Apprentice in Death. Still, I can’t help but be frustrated that I spent about ten hours getting through the audiobook and this is pretty much all I have to say about it.

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