TV: 48 HOURS: “Bad Boy”

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-11-44-05-am#1 TV show, Saturday, 10/29/16

3.99 million viewers

What it is: A true crime newsmagazine show. In this episode, a Tennessee mother disappears and her ex-husband is suspected of killing her.

“Bad Boy” was less grossly exploitative than the last 48 Hours episode I reviewed, but it still had its moments, like when correspondent Michelle Miller grills an interview subject for defending the suspected killer when the poor woman clearly just has a hard time believing the worst about a friend, or when the show strongly implies (without much apparent evidence) that the accused’s family is aware of or even complicit in his crime. (The fact that they point the finger so strongly at this guy without him ever having been convicted of the murder doesn’t seem like as big of a problem given that he’s already been convicted of attempted murder in another case and sentenced to twelve years in prison, but it’s still not great.) I’d say it’s depressing that these true crime shows get such good ratings, but in this case 48 Hours was actually thoroughly beaten by the World Series and college football, so its #1 ranking comes with a big asterisk.

I just discovered that TV by the Numbers lists the top shows by week, so I’m thinking I might start reviewing the most-viewed show from that list instead of rotating days. That would make my TV columns fit into the “#1” format a bit more neatly, although it also might mean I’d just be reviewing The Big Bang Theory every week, so I don’t know. We’ll see!

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