TV: GREY’S ANATOMY, S13E04: “Falling Slowly”

640x180-q100_8e4c61bc23a0abf42f373f4e98abaa1d#1 TV show, Thursday, 10/13/16

7.8 million viewers

What it is: A Shonda Rhimes drama about doctors at a Seattle hospital. In this episode, a husband and wife are treated after a hang-gliding accident, Karev chafes at the new job he’s been forced into, this one guy hits on the titular Meredith Grey, the light-haired guy and his girlfriend or maybe wife have doubts about their relationship, this other guy is forbidden from talking to his coworkers about a lawsuit or something, another dude complains about the woman he’s living with, and I think there might have been some other subplots. This show apparently juggles a whole lot of story.

I tried to watch this episode but I can’t give a fully informed opinion about it because the commercials on ABC’s streaming site kept freezing up before the last act. Sorry. Fuck you, Ad 2 of 5.

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