TV: 60 MINUTES, S48E55: “The 9/11 Museum, Gold Star Parents, Earthquake Alley”

maxresdefault#1 TV show (sort of), Sunday, 9/11/16

7.95 million viewers

What it is: An episode of the CBS newsmagazine show focusing on the subjects listed in the title. (“Earthquake Alley” refers to a drastic increase in the occurrence of earthquakes in Oklahoma, seemingly due to oil industry activity.)

Football actually had the highest ratings of this night by far, but I’m not covering sports events. Even the post-game shows got great numbers, and I considered including them (in which case this post would’ve been about FOX’s The OT), but I couldn’t find them online anywhere, so I ended up on this distant runner-up.

Thank God for 60 Minutes, though. After the sweaty sensationalism of 48 Hours, it really is nice to see a newsmagazine show that seems to approach its subject matter with genuine journalistic integrity. Even the parts when “Gold Star parents” and their supporters break down in tears during interviews feel more like real human moments than tear-jerking exploitation. I guess I shouldn’t take heart from this show’s ratings too much, though, since its viewers are just the dregs of those who didn’t want to watch football or dudes talking about football.

Since I forgot to mention this the first time I wrote about 60 Minutes, I also want to take this opportunity to note that comedian Tim Duffy, a pal of mine, has been using the show as a Twitter joke format for years. He’s great, give the guy a follow!

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