3db71f92260db9e330883b11d7c68f2d-1000x1000x1#1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, week of 9/24/16

What it is: The sophomore album from hip-hop rapper/singer Travis Scott.

I noted in my review of Frank Ocean’s Blonde that both he and Drake tend to “collapse the distinction between rapping and singing,” but I may need to stop mentioning that tendency, as it seems to be just the standard mode for young rap vocalists these days. Maybe that realization is part of why I found this album to be such a boring Kanye/Drake/Future/etc. blend. I listened to it twice in hopes of finding something more specific to say about it but came up pretty short. Cool that Andre 3000 is on it, but even his verse isn’t nearly as good as the one he dropped for Blonde.

As for the larger implications of this Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight‘s commercial success, I think we can just conclude that there’s always a market for music about partying, which is generally what this album delivers. People, by and large, like to party. And if you like moody, autotuned party rap, I imagine you might like this record, but it certainly wouldn’t be the one to sell anyone on the genre.

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