jason-bourne-poster-A#1 movie, weekend of 7/29-7/31/16

Gross: $59,215,365

I can’t remember how many of the Bourne movies I’ve seen. I’ve definitely seen the first one and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen at least one of the sequels, but not the one with Jeremy Renner. I imagine that a few years from now I may not be able to remember whether or not I ever saw Jason Bourne. It slides right into the uniform sameyness that defines how I think of this franchise: More sinister CIA villains; more shaky camerawork; more teased-out revelations about the title character’s past, a subject that I don’t think has ever yielded any genuine surprises, even in the first movie. Social media features prominently in one subplot, but the movie doesn’t ultimately have anything to say about it beyond “Social media raises concerns about privacy.”

The series as a whole does provide a nice counterpoint to James Bond’s slick authoritarianism, and, as usual, this entry boasts a great cast and some pretty cool action sequences. By the last act I found myself surprisingly invested in what was going on. Then they ended more or less on a sequel setup and I remembered that franchises like this are designed to continue, not to provide narrative satisfaction. But if you like Jason Bourne movies, this is one. It’s fine.

Remember that movie Green Zone? It was basically Jason Bourne Vs. the War in Iraq? It wasn’t very good (as I said in the review I wrote for my old college e-zine), but at least it was an interesting, ambitious idea. It was more fun to write about than this movie was.

Side note: Jason Bourne features at least two cast members from HBO’s The Night Of (Riz Ahmed and Bill Camp), which is written and executive produced by Richard Price. I run another blog about Price’s work (I’m so prolific!) and recently got the chance to interview him. Sorry to plug my own blogs twice in two paragraphs, but here’s the link:

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